Coronavirus update


Updated 27 February 2022

As all legal regulations have been lifted, covid precautions in the Centre are now discretionary, although we strongly advise anyone with possible symptoms not to visit

The cafe is open again for tea,coffee and homemade cakes, 9.30-4 Tues, Weds, Fri and 9.30-12.30 Saturday. The Centre is open most weekdays and evenings (whenever we have bookings) but please check first if making a special journey 

We continue to provide hand sanitizer at entrances, and our professional cleaning contractor is following enhanced procedures for all areas which have been used, at the end of each day. Activity organizers can decide their own policy for face coverings etc, so please check with them if attending a class or group. When using meeting rooms, organizers are encouraged to keep windows open for ventilation

As our building is owned and operated by the Methodist Church, we're also following regularly updated guidelines which can be found here