Wheelchair access

The centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users, offering the following facilities

  • Extra-wide disabled-only car-parking bays close to the entrance
  • Wheelchair access to main doors (ramp) and rear doors (gradient)
  • Automatic opening of main doors and rear doors
  • Lift from the entrance level to upper level (from which meeting rooms and the church can be accessed)
  • Toilets on both floors designed for disabled use.

Hearing loops

Induction loops with centrally positioned ceiling microphones are installed in Rooms G1, G2 and F3 and are permanently active. Hearing-aid users should switch to the 'T' setting. The hall will eventually have a similar induction loop, but this will only be available with the use of a radio-microphone sound system (as it's not possible to provide a permanent microphone to pick up from anywhere in the hall)